Woo Sok Jang, CEO at dilussion, Invitation ‘UNESCO Media Arts Advisory Conference’


On June 4, The first UNESCO Creative City of Media Arts Gwangju Advisory Conference was held at the UNESCO Korea Committee.

This conference is an advisory meeting for experts on media art from all over the country to establish a strategy for promoting the UNESCO Media Art Creative City Gwangju Platform, and Woo Sok Jang, CEO at dilussion, was invited as a media consultant.

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National Media Art Experts, Strategy to revitalize Gwangju

The Gwangju Cultural Foundation will invite media art experts from various sectors to hold its first UNESCO Media Arts Creative City Platform Advisory Conference at the UNESCO’s Korean Committee at 2 p.m.

The Advisory Committee consisted of 12 experts equipped with media art expertise and experience to establish the basis of UNESCO’s Media Art Creative City Gwangju in 2017 and activate the media art platform. This year, it expanded to 18 experts, which will cover a wider range of areas.

This conference will discuss the current status of UNESCO’s Media Art business, the creation of the Art and Media Technology Center, and the operation and activation of 6 special spaces for the UNESCO Media Art Creative City Gwangju. In addition, in-depth discussions will be held in various areas including UNESCO’s Seoul Policy Forum and Gwangju Media Art Festival, which will be held in November.

It will also discuss ways to foster creative cities based on the UNESCO City of Media Art and the Gwangju Platform.


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