Samsung Interactive Table for Galaxy Note 8 Unpack, planned and developed by Delussion, was selected as Grand Prix of the User experience category of &Award sponsored by Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning.


Following is the detail of the award.


Samsung Interactive Table for Galaxy Note 8 Unpack

The “Samsung Interactive Table for Galaxy Note 8 Unpack” is an extension project of the Galaxy S8 Unpack New York completed in the first half of 2017. Interactive Table was applied as part of the implementation of Tangible User Interface(TUI) development at the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Unpack event. In this project, Galaxy Note 8 and the transparent acrylic dial were used on the responsive MultiTaction table, allowing the users to enjoy various kinds of interactive experiences.


Especially for this particular Samsung Interactive Table, we attempted an interactive content planning with the additional of the S-Pen on Galaxy Note 8. This new supportive accessory was designed to introduce the handwriting usability technique.

In addition to this interactive experience, such as, drawing the moon with the S Pen and metaphorically illuminating the surrounding area, or by drawing the wind to move the ship from one place to another, we wanted to potentially appeal the understanding of Samsung’s end-user experience with the implementation of content for Samsung Galaxy Note 8’s S Pen and Bixby-related specialized functions.