Developer: dilussion Inc.           Duration: 2012.04~2012.07          Role: Solution Consultancy, Creative Design, Development, HW & System Design, Installation
H/W: Dual Hologram Display           S/W: After Effect, CRM(Windows)

Project Description

Vivatamtam, a premium wedding consulting agency, looking for a way to increase the brand value and communicate it with customers more effectively came to us for solutions.
After thorough study and consideration, we designed and installed hologram display in their show room.
It is a whole new way of showing the brand’s wedding dresses to the customers and it matched quite well with the high-end image of Vivatamtam.
We also made sure the content can be scheduled and updated by the administrator of the place.







Content Development


SW Development

Project Output

Entering the space, customers are greeted with double-faced hologram display.


Out of the elevator, they see the hologram from a different angle.


Hologram content and images on LCD are played separately.


Vivatamtam logo was redesigned to best fit on the hologram display.