Songdo Triple Street Media Tunnel

Client : SD Frontier          Developer : Dilussion Inc.          Duration : 2016. 05 – 2017. 05

Role : Entire Project Execution, System, Hardware, Contents

Project Description


“Songdo TRIPLE STREET Media Tunnel”

Triple Street, entered Songdo, Incheon was opened in May 2017 as a cultural complex with things to see, things to eat, things to enjoy and various cultural amenities contents.

Dilussion designed an LED wall in the underground tunnel where Hyundai Premium Outlets and Triple Street meet, making a strong first impression on consumers visiting the Triple Street.



Project Plan


Content Development


Hardware Installation

Project Output


The LED wall, which is lined up along the tunnels, plays automatic link between spring, summer, fall and winter images to suit changes in weather,

and the images in the vast universe and the impressive transition images captivate visitors.