All New Malibu Media Showcase

Client : PengTai          Agency : Sanghwa

Developer : dilussion Inc.          Exhibition Period : 2016.04

Role : Shooting, Live broadcast, Engineering, Producing

Project Description

On 27th April 2016, GM Korea launched the All New Malibu at Gocheok Sky Dome.

It was the first automobile launch in the Korea’s domed baseball stadium.

The event was livestreamed various platform including GM Korea’s blog, YouTube and Facebook pages.


There were many interesting sessions in the one-hour launching event such as product feature presentation,

Q&A, etc. At the time Facebook channel had been used for personal one-way streaming purpose as the platform was not providing any subtitle and cut transition services.

However, Dilussion pushed the technical boundary with new convergence techniques and was “able to livestream the content with cut transitions for the first time on Facebook Korea page.”


Yonhap News Agency reported that the livestreaming of the All New Malibu launch was marked as the most searched word at the time.

Livestreaming though Facebook and YouTube, including replay after the event, reached 96,760 views. Thanks to the successful delivery of the project, Dilussion was asked to register as “OFFICIALLY CERTIFIED BY GOOGLE” after the event.

New article: Yonhap News


The innovation shown in this project was very well received not only by the client but also by the participants which led the Dilussion to produce another livestreaming project for Chevrolet Bolt and Camaro at Busan International Motor Show 2016 in June.





Live broadcast





Project Output

[Gocheok Sky Dome]

This is the venue for Chevrolet’s All New Malibu launching event.


The stage is going up for the event.


During the event, industry-leading feature of All New Malibu and the giant stage caught the eyes of the media.


The entire event was livestreamed to YouTube and Facebook channel allowing all participants to view the event anywhere anytime.

Production Process


Dilussion produced and oversaw the livestreaming service of this event.

Repeated tests and rehearsals made sure the smooth livestreaming.

Additional Related Project


After successfully producing livestreaming at Gocheok Sky Dome, Dilussion went on to Busan International Motor Show 2016 and livestreamed Chevrolet event to YouTube and Facebook channel.

Guests of the event were very interested in Chevrolet cars.
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