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Client : SM Ent.          Developer : dilussion Inc.          Duration : 2013.08 ~ 2014.12

Role : Hologram Business Consultancy, 3D Simulation, Media Design, Install Hologram Foil

Project Description

The World First Multi-Platform Hologram Theater”

Although it has been around for centuries since 1800’s, Pepper’s Ghost, a set of special technique to create holographic effect, could not become a solid and profitable business model. We reckon this is because a) the cost of hardware that needs to be put in is simply higher than conventional video equipments and b) there has been no efforts to create more value by adding brilliant creativity to this. That is why this has been used as just a one-time-basis visual solution whenever it was needed for hundreds of years.


Hologram performance in 1800’s using “Pepper’s Ghost”

2PAC Hologram Concert (2012)

Michael Jackson hologram Billboard Music Award (2015)

Hatsune Miku Concert (2010)


In 2013 dilussion saw this as an opportunity, developed the technique further, found technical solutions to some of its limitations and started the world first comprehensive hologram business by joining hands with SM Entertainment, the biggest entertainment company in Korea, to build, again, the world first multi-format theater called ‘SMTOWN THEATRE’ where hologram performances and general live concerts as well can be staged.


Going beyond achieving simple viewing pleasure or stability of the system, the primary goal of this project was to build a multi-platform theater for both hologram and live performance to provide visitors with various experiences in a single place. Tapping into the years of experience in designing hologram theater, we went through series of 3D simulation for a year and successfully built the world-first theater which can stage both hologram performance and live concerts.


A number of special effects will make the visitors feel that they are in an actual concert hall. Along with hologram stage, 40 meters of mega facade that surrounds the guests for 270 degree will completely take them away to a whole new place, a whole new sensation. This is the first theater where the seats are permanently installed for the spectators.




Theater Design


Media System Design


Hologram Foil Installation

Hologram performance

Live concert


One of the interesting aspects of this theater is that the hologram screen can be lifted and stored up as and when required. The screen comes down for hologram performance and it goes up when there is a live concert giving the audience the best possible experience. This is a dramatic upgrade from earlier when you had to install additional equipment and screen to already existing theater stage. This is a new opportunity to maximize the profit of theaters.

Conventional standing hologram theater

World’s first seat system hologram theater


Conventionally, hologram theater had to be a standing type as traditional auditorium with elevated seats as you go further back could not guarantee best viewing experience from certain part of the space. So they either had to stand up or seat on temporary chairs to watch the performance. Thanks to careful design based on many years of experience, dilussion was able to build SMTOWN THEATRE with comfortable seats to everyone. No matter where you are seated you can fully enjoy the best ever hologram performance.

Project Output

Musical performance content being shown at SMTOWN THEATRE


From design, planning, drawing to installation of special foil, dilussion carried out comprehensive work in building the hybrid hologram theater.


Numbers of media, including major news channel, covered the grand opening of SMTOWN THEATRE.
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