SM Ent. V-Theater @USJ

Developer: dilussion Inc.           Duration: 2013.07 ~ 2013.12          H/W: Holographic Screen Technology          S/W: Holographic Interface Design

Project Description

SM Entertainment V-Theater is a project that we worked with SM Entertainment.
It is a hologram theater where they put on dynamic and energetic live hologram performance, exhibit photos, figures and outfits of its artists.
It is the first permanently installed hologram display in the country. We were responsible for designing and overseeing the construction of the theater.
We stepped up a notch and employed projection mapping technique to make it more interesting and enjoyable.










Project Output

Photo taken in the V-Theater. SM Entertainment artists like TVXQI, Girl’s Generation, EXO and Super Juniors appear on the hologram display in real size.

When hologram meets projection mapping, the horizon of experience is further extended.

Installation & Simulation

Facade of the theater is being mapped with software. We were there all the time to make sure everything goes as planned.


By the size of the people in the theater you can see how grand the real estate of screen is.