SK telecom Mobile

Client : SK telecom          Agency : D.FY          Developer : dilussion Inc.

Duration : 2014. 07-09          Performance Period : 2014. 10-2015. 10

Role : UI/GUI/Interaction Design, S/W Development, 3D Model/Motion, Sound Design, System Development

H/W : VR Head Mount+Hand Gesture Sensor          S/W : Unity 3D

Project Description

We were responsible for virtual reality experience zone in this project.
In most case something special and fun are away from us and we have to get there to experience them.
SK Telecom wanted to create an experience that can reach anyone anywhere in Korea with Mobile.
SK Telecom, looking for right change instead of fast change, wanted to introduce a model of smart home that will serve as a stepping stone for happier life and sound future.
Smart home is an environment where objects in living room are networked together and share information among themselves.


 We have chosen Oculus’ head-mount system as the most effective way of delivering virtual reality for the smart home.
dilussion’s Tangible Media Laboratory has been working on Oculus rift kit since its release in 2012. We have added a set of hand detectors to make the experience more life-like.


 With the help of proven techniques of dilussion, SK Telecom successfully launched a smart home which can be experienced in anywhere.
You can find Mobile, the Korea’s first mobile exhibition center, in many parts of the country where it is scheduled to go.



UI/GUI/Interaction Design


S/W Development


System Development

Project Output

Smart Home GUI

Welcome to the inside of smart home. The living room tells you various information such as weather forecast, latest news and current time.
You can shop online at the table as well.


If you move to roof-top garden, you see detailed information of what is planted and where.
Designing content and UI for virtual reality environment require special treatment for the ease of consumption.

3D Space Modeling

This is the image that you first see when you wear the device on your head. The door in the front will lead you to the living room. Enjoy the ride!

You have reached the living room. The glass in front is no ordinary glass. This is smart glass which will display today’s weather and latest news.

This kitchen let you cook with 3D printer. In here, we encourage you to use smart cooking utensils to make strawberry cream cake, virtually of course.
You will be able to pick virtual utensil objects, move them around to make the cake.

Let us take you to the roof-top garden where you can collect flowers.
Smart home also helps you keep your garden fresh all time by giving you information of plants in the garden and help you locate any plant you need in no time.

Technology & Simulation

Since 2011, dilussion Tangible Media Laboratory has been working with virtual reality device and content and was able to provide life-like smart home experience.

Head Mount Technology

Gesture Sensing Technology

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