Shilla Hotel Employee Welfare Service

Developer: dilussion Inc. & Hanzon Inc          Duration: 2012.01~2012.03          Role: Solution Consultancy, Creative Design, Development, HW & System Design, Installation
H/W: Touch Display          S/W: Application Development(WPF)

Project Description

Within organizations, it is often the case that considerable amount of resources, either financial or human,
is needed to conduct surveys or meetings before making policies for employees’ welfare.
dilussion wanted to transform this into more effective and fun experience, if possible,
to managers as well as employees and developed kiosk which gather required data from the game in the kiosk and export it in a very usable way.







Content Development


SW Development

Project Output

Wall-mounted LCD screens in the cafeteria display menu.


You can cast your vote about the meal you just had by using identification card.


This information gathered in this way can be used to improve daily menu.


Select your gender and age bracket.


Touch screen game make people to engage.