Seoul Design Festival 2014_SADI

Client : SADI          Developer :  dilussion Inc.

Exhibition Period : 2014.11.26 ~ 2014.11.30          Role : Space Design and Execution

Project Description

What SADI was aiming for

In celebration of 20th anniversary, SADI (Samsung Art and Design Institute) participated in 2014 Seoul Design Festival.
The institute, which targets to nurture global leaders through dedicated and differentiated curriculum, understands that it is the students who will lead the future of the institute.
Therefore, this exhibition, under the slogan of ‘SADI=You,’ focused to underline the future of SADI, the students.


What dilussion offered

Understanding the meaning of the exhibition, dilussion offered something different, designing the solution in a way that as guests experience the digital installations, they become to understand each and every student is an integral part of SADI and they are the ones who will be leading the future.
Along with various content introducing SADI, we installed innovative interactive media platform both at the entrance and exit of the space.
Flipy, a real-time interactive solution which creates images through number of flipping dots, was placed at the entrance and caught the eyes of visitors as they enter the area.
This represents SADI that evolves every seconds propelled by its passionate students.
As the visitors exit the exhibition, they were able to take photo of themselves which will turned into a very successful designer and become the cover page of 2018 issue of VISION, the institute’s quarterly issued magazine.
This interactive kiosk was used by average of 244 guests in a day during the five-day exhibition.
After the exhibition, SADI was able to clearly and effectively communicate it’s key message: SADI’s future lies on its students.
We are happy because the exhibition was more than ordinary one where the only thing you can do is to watch, where as there were something to touch, feel and experience.










3D Space Modeling

Project Output

Welcome to the exhibition of Samsung Art and Design Institute. As you go through the place, you will see the past and present of the institute and dream the future of it.


Before you make the entrance, you are greeted with video content of SADI’s introduction which tell you how SADI has been contributing the nation’s design industry.
Once you go around this wall, you will see the exhibition area of SADI.


Flipy, at the entrance, has caught the eyes of many visitors. There was even a line of people waiting for their turn to experience Flipy interaction.


As you pass Flipy and enter into the exhibition area, there are plenty of information about the institute carefully laid out.
There are introduction on SADI’s lessons & curriculum at a glance and video content about basic courses, three majors and master’s course of design at SADI.
On the walls are awards of it’s students and various collaborative works with businesses.
The entire experience was a good way to brag about its achievements and possibilities in the days to come.


The end of journey is the future of SADI. When visitors take photo of themselves at the kiosk, it becomes the cover page of VISION.
Your photo on the front page is shared on the gallery wall on the right. This tells the guests that each and every one of you are part of SADI and its future.

Interactive Media Platform : FLIPY

Flipy, a real-time interactive media platform, represents the institute that develops with its students that have limitless potentials and passion.
Upon recognizing body movement of the user, Flipy interacts in real-time giving unique experience and joy to the users.


When there is no one in front of it, Flipy played promotional content through the unique flip-dot motion.


Considering the average opening minutes of a day was 510, a new user was engaging with Flipy every 25 seconds, which proves, once again, how attractive the solution is.


For more information about Flipy, click the following link.

See Detail

Interactive Media Platform : Interactive Kiosk

At the interactive kiosk installed at the exit, visitors were given a chance to become cover model of VISION.
Through this experience, users are able to picture the successful future of themselves as a designer with SADI.
On the gallery wall, dozens of future cover models of VISION were on display hinting that they are the future of the institute.


After taking a photograph, they are to select specific design area they have in mind, touch in name and e-mail address.
Then the kiosk sends the cover page of VISION with the user in it to the gallery wall and to the mail address.


The results of our solution was fantastic.
During the opening hours of 2014 Seoul Design Festival, there has been a new user in every two minutes and whopping 1,220 people used our solutions for the five-day exhibition.
Although there have been many cases that photo was taken and sent to the user’s mail, ours were different.
This showed how the communication gets to users in a meaningful way and most effectively when a clear message is powered by intuitive GUI design.