Galaxy Note9 – Dual Aperture & AI Camera Kit

Client : Cheil Worildwide         Developer :  Dilussion Inc.         Duration :  2018.07 ~ 2018.09

Exhibition Period : 2018.08 ~         Role : System, Hardware, Contents, Design

Project Description


Samsung unveiled its Galaxy Note9 series at ‘Galaxy Unpack 2018’ in Brooklyn, NY on August 9, 2018, and began operating Galaxy Studio around the world, including London, Melbourne, Australia, Barcelona and Hong Kong and to mention a few.



Note9 includes a ‘Smart S Pen’ with Bluetooth capability, a powerful large battery and an ‘Intelligent Camera’ that automatically adjusts color and brightness depending on the shooting scene.
In addition, with two lenses, ‘Dual Apertures’, users can automatically shoot the best image according to the environment and get the finest image in all environments.

Dilussion designed ‘Infinity Mirror Room’ and ‘AI Camera Kit’ to give visitors an intuitive experience of the ‘Dual Aperture’ and ‘Intelligent Camera’ of Note9.












Project Output - Dual Aperture



Dilussion created the Infinity Mirror Room to help visitors experience the Dual Aperture function of Note9 that helps them take pictures even in the dark.


Four sided-mirrors in a compact space, along with LED neon signs and LED drawing lines on each mirror, created an in-depth, infinity-feeling area.
Also, considering the characteristics of the Millennium Generation, which has recently emerged as major consumers, we’ve created a mirror room giving consumers opportunities to take pictures and naturally utilize the SNS.




Installation - Dual Aperture


Project Output - AI Camera Kit


‘AI camera kit’ were produced by Dilussion to intuitively experience the new intelligent camera features of Note9.
AI Camera Kit, a ‘Digilog’ device that combines digital and analog, when visitor put the prepared props on the kit, the backdrop automatically changes to take a variety of pictures and experience the camera functions of Note9.



Project Output - AI Camera Kit