National Hangeul Museum

Client : National Hangeul Museum          Consortium : Browny, Quoin, Urbanplay          Developer : Dilussion Inc.

Duration : 2014. 07-10          Performance Period : 2014. 10-2017         Role : Space design, GUI design, Installation

Project Description


Hangeul (The Korean alphabet), beyond a national treasure, is a world’s cultural heritage.

Celebrating the 568th year of its creation, National Hangeul Museum was founded in 2014 to refresh historical value of the language.


We were asked to create experiences in Hangeul Learning Center which is to help foreign visitors better understand structure of the language and the culture of Korea. It meant even more to us for we had an opportunity to collaborate with other partners in this project. While we worked with partner companies with planning, development and content translation, dilussion further developed the outcome of the collaboration, designed content & space and built the actual space.


In consideration of foreigners who, in most cases, experience the language for the first time we divided the space into five areas: ‘Meet Hangeul’, ‘Enjoy Hangeul firsthand’, ‘Hangeul meets the world’, ‘Escape with Hangeul’ and ‘Capture Memories with Hangeul’


Touch screen interface and motion interactions were so intuitive that foreign visitors from 51 countries were instantly able to interact with the content in a fun and enjoyable way rather than traditional concept of ‘learning’.


Not only foreigners but also children were easily experiencing and learning Hangeul in this space. On the first day there was a long line of visitors for entering the space.





Space design


GUI design




Project Output

This is the entrance of Hangeul Learning Center, 3rd floor of National Hangeul Museum.


Interiors of Hangeul Learning Center.

Space Plan

Interiors of Hangeul Learning Center. It is divided into five concepts: ‘Meet Hangeul’, ‘Enjoy Hangeul firsthand’, ‘Hangeul meets the world’, ‘Escape with Hangeul’ and ‘Capture Memories with Hangeul’


01. Meet Hangeul

This is where you understand how Korean consonants and vowels work together to build a character. From the kiosk, users learn consonants and vowels by touching and moving actual magnetics.


02. Enjoy Hangeul firsthand

Users effortlessly learn how Korean characters are made by moving their body to complete the puzzle.


03. Hangeul meets the world

As you walk into Hangeul Learning Center an interactive world map welcomes you by changing visual content once it recognizes your movement.


04. Escape with Hangeul

When users choose a word and draw along with the graphic from the kiosk, the visual is transferred to a huge screen in front. Illustrated polygon-style image, which resembles Korean version of patch work, adds more fun to it.


05. Capture Memories with Hangeul

Select a postcard you fancy, take a photo and say your name. Your name will be displayed in Hangeul. When users share this postcard with Korean name on it, they are grouped by nations and displayed on the kiosk screen. At the same time, they can take away a ticket which contains a QR code. Users can always access their postcards on the web by using this code. A nice souvenir that will help users remember this experience.




The entrance of Hangeul Learning Center is under construction. dilussion delivered from content design, construction of both interiors and exteriors.


The kiosk can easily be enjoyed by children and foreign visitors.


Projector screens are aligned and systems go through series of tests to make sure the entire system is stabilized.