MEGABOX Emergency Evacuation Guide

Client : MEGABOX         Developer : Dilussion Inc. Duration : 2016. 11 ~

Performance Period : 2016. 11 ~          Role : Proposal, design, 3D video production

Project Description


MEGABOX is one of the most leading, representative movie theaters in Korea. With its differentiated movie-cultural aspects compared to other movie theaters, MEGABOX offers a multiplex space allowing visitors to experience and enjoy various contents and lifestyles.


Dilussion Inc., designed and produced an ‘Emergency Evacuation Guide video’ to provide the best safety service to all visitors at MEGABOX.

In the event of various disasters, such as fire and earthquake, we’ve planned and produced an evacuation video guide for safe evacuation from the theaters. And all visitors were able to receive sufficient information and guidance before screening the movie.








Project Output

Brand identity and design elements of MEGABOX were reflected in the video production, creating a unified visual content to match the look and feel of other MEGABOX areas as well.


Emergency Evacuation Guide can be easily acknowledged by the intuitive 3D visualization and simple infographics allow all age groups to quickly adapt to fire facilities and learn the evacuation process intimately.


Starting with renewal of all movie theaters in 2017, we’re currently in the middle of creating evacuation videos for newly established theaters as well.

Short, yet precise and intuitive video solution provides the safety of visitors at MEGABOX, while setting a safe and protected theater standard in Korea.