Season’s Greetings Media Art Show

Client : CJ Powercast         Developer :  Dilussion Inc.          Duration : 2019.11.01. ~ 2019.12.31.

Exhibition Period : 2019.12.19 ~ 2019.12.26         Role : Proposal, Design, Operate

Project Description

Korea’s first and the biggest Media Show


On December 2019,
Gangnam District and CJ Powercast hosted a new, never-seen type of formation of an exciting media art show was presented in celebrating the End-of-Year, as well as the New Year.

Starting from the Hyundai Department Store, to the K-POP Square, the Trade Center, COEX, and finally to the Asem Tower on the Yeongdong-boulevard,
an innovative initiative took place in correlating together all the five outdoor media outlets, providing an overwhelming scale of immersive media contents.



With the main theme ‘THE NEXT 10 YEARS’, various colorful and vibrant media arts was expressed in delivering the best wishes and hopes for the upcoming 2020.
The massive billboards in all five outdoor media outlets in the Samsung-dong area, along with the fireworks and colorful lightings,
created the largest, and the most lively and exciting media art show ever.








Project Output

Dilussion’s video production delivered the message of support intuitively, using city landscapes,
cultural diversity and the new wishes of the New Year as well as the excitement of Christmas holiday season.


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