MCM Myeong-dong Flagship Store

Developer: dilussion Inc.          Duration: 2014. 03-04
Role: All in All New Media Platform Service for Flagship Store(Solution Consultancy, Concept Design & Development, HW & System Design, Installation)
GUI Design: Collaboration with Kobalt60

Project Description

MCM, a premium fashion brand, well known for German craftsmanship, has opened a flagship store in Myoungdong
and we have been asked to provide new media consulting service as well as implementation.
If we have to pick one most important value that we learned through years of experience in designing various kiosks and delivering innovative media platforms, it would be “delivering unique digital impression that can be experienced only in the specific place.”
With the aim of connecting digital media experience to the brand so that customers awareness is increased,
we developed and installed ME:MCM and CELEB:MCM that basically capture users’ image, transform them into customized patterns and printed on its products.


When visitors take a photo of themselves on ME:MCM platform, the image is made into MCM Visetos, the brand’s iconic patten,
and a product images with customized Visetos pattern are displayed on screens.
Thousands of foreigners who visited Myoungdong have experienced this content, and thus increased brand awareness.
In developing a kiosk platform CELEB:MCM, located at cashers, client feedbacks and requirements played a huge role.
It provided information on each floor, prompted customer survey, which in return send out reward coupon to the respondents’ mobile device and MCM gallery.
The system was developed in a way that store managers can easily update seasonal content and exported result of survey in Excel format.
Its GUIs, a product of collaboration between dilussion and Kobalt60, added another layer of sophistication to the space.


We delivered integrated management system so that client can easily maintain the entire content throughout the store, enhancing experience of client as well.





Content Development




SW Development

Floor Plan

Exterior: Media facade using LEDs that works together with seasonally updated promotional films on the middle screen.



1 Floor: Rocket, planets and futuristic media platform. The message of this floor is clear – “MCM from the space.”



2 Floor: A luxurious VIP lounge with MCM’s premium product line BISPOKE, HERITAGE and innovative new media content.



3 Floor: Filled with more energy with DJ booth and MCM Bike, CUSTOMER CEM media kiosk.



Rooftop: Open-sky space where various cultural performances and exhibitions take place.

Project Output

MCM Media Facade: content can be easily updated in every season.


As you enter the flagship store, you can immediately tell the concept: “MCM from the space.”


As customers take the stair to the 2nd floor, they see visual content of customized Visetos pattern on the screen.


The same content in private room as well providing a consistent look in the space.


MCM Cognac Visetos leather adds premium feeling of the private room.


CELEB:MCM kiosks are located at the side of casher bars on 1st and 3rd floor.


The journey starts with MCM’s signature pattern Visetos. Users select figure that their face will be framed in.


Processed image your of face is placed in the figure in realtime and 5-sec countdown begins.


When the photo is taken, user confirms the image and it becomes customized Visetos pattern.


The pattern is then applied to two MCM products. The visual is so clear that you can almost see the actual texture of the premium leather.


The image can be sent to users’ e-mails or shared in their SNS. For those who want something tangible, they can print it out and take it away with them.


Given the geographical location with hundreds of Chinese visitors a day, we also provided Chinese keyboard so that they can share the content in their SNS such as Twitter and Weibo.
ME:MCM not only provides rich information and promotes the brand, but also gives fresh new experience to the shoppers in the store.