Developer: dilussion Inc.          Duration: 2014. 03-06

Role: HW & System Design, Installation, SW development, Solution Consultancy

H/W : Transparent, Double-sided Touchable Display.          S/W : Unity 3D

Project Description

“The first CROSS – INTERACTIVE COMMUNICATION PLATFORM used in public TV channel”

“Fairness and stability of the system was verified by National Commission Election for 11-hour live TV program.”

In an attempt to catch viewers’ interest and to communicate the most accurate data in an easily digestible way, MBC has decided to hire the most advanced technology for MBC Election 2014, an 11-hour live vote-counting TV program on 4th June 2014. To meet the needs of the client, dilussion designed Cross-Interactive Communication Platform, a transparent touch display technology solution that allows real-time data visualization and analysis.

As the anchor and reporter, facing each other with the screen between them, made interaction to analyze the visualized vote data, the magical moment of our solution came to life. For 11 hours of live broadcasting the system analyzed and displayed the vote data in three categories: Vote, Forecast and Count. And there was no failure of the system whatsoever. It was a moment of technological verification in real-time.



Content Development


HW Development



Project Output

As the Strategy Room, which was hidden by a massive LED wall, is revealed, the reporter begins analyzing the data with the magic glass.

Technical Specification

Installation & Simulation

It was live and it was an election. There is absolutely no room for an error. To make sure of this, dilussion went through serious of rigorous content simulations on 46” transparent display.

Stability of magic glass sensors and transparency of the panel have been tested again and proved in the actual studio.


Cameras, after installing the system, are being tested. Given the nature of the project, sensors of the panel were throughly tested again and again until the moment of go-live.