Netflix “Love Alarm” Pop-up Zone

Client : CJ Powercast         Developer :  Dilussion Inc.          Duration : 2019.07 ~ 2019.09

Exhibition Period : 2019. 08. 17 ~ 2019. 09. 01         H/W : LED, DVI Control, Touch Tablet, Speaker        S/W : LED Media SW by Dilussion        

Role : Proposal, Design, Construct, Manufacture, Installation

Project Description

Netflix opened a ‘Love Alarm’ pop-up zone’ at Jamsil Lotte World Tower World Park Square from August 19 to September 1, 2019.


Based on the story of Daum webtoon, Netflix’s original series ‘Love Alarm’ is a romance story of two male and female characters expressing their affection through the ‘Lover Alarm’ application.
In a world where emotions can be expressed through alarm notifications, the alarm will go off when a beloved person enters the radius of 10 meters.

Relevant to the concept of ‘Love Alarm’, Dilussion installed a Love Heart Tree (LED Tower) in the center of the pop-up zone, providing lots of core attention as the main media content of the event.



Project Manager : Seojun Hong
Planning : Seojun Hong, Jinwoo Jang / GUI Design : Kihan Kim, Geunwoo Park, Dohee Kim
Video Production : Jaeoh Kim / Development : Seungyong Noh
H/W Configuration & Installation : Hansoloo Jhun, Sungmo Kim










Project Output

Dilussion created the LED Tower using 6,480 LED bulbs to express various color spectrums.
Ambient graphic lightings that change in numerous formations in line with the OST of ‘Love Alarm’,
also provided fruitful and visual enjoyments to all visitors around the LED Tower.


Moreover, Dilussion added an interactive kiosk, where visitors can choose from four different types of ‘heart’ shapes and colors.
Once the selection is made and sent-up by ‘swiping up gesture’, the heart instantly appears on the LED Tower, creating a unique graphic animation and lightings.


LED Tower is a large interactive sculpture with 6,480 LED bulbs.
To maximize the core media solution of ‘Love Alarm’ pop-up zone, Dilussion developed and implemented various attributes to the project,
including LED system production, graphics and animation design, as well as interactive software build-up and installation.