Live Hologram Tele-presence

Client : CGV          Developer : dilussion Inc.          Performance Period : 2015. 11

Role : Proposal, Holographic Screen Technology, Installation, content production, presentation

Project Description


In an attempt to introduce a new cultural content that defies the limitation of space and time, Dilussion started the project named Hologram Tele-Presence Lecture in Cheongdam CGV in December 2015. It was the first theatrical live hologram demonstration in Korea.



[Screen capture from ‘World First 4G Holographic Telepresence in the Ballroom, 8 Northumberland Ave.]

Telepresence, a combined word of ‘tele’ and ‘presence’, refers to a technology that allows two parties in remote location to communicate by looking at each party on a screen.


On December 1st, Dilussion established a space for a real time hologram class in M Cube studio, 3rd floor of Cheongdam CGV.
The hardware for hologram class consists of two major parts: hologram booth where the speaker is positioned and the hologram display space where audiences sit and watch the speaker. The hologram booth was set up behind the M Cube stage while the stage with holographic display apparatus was built in a separate space.


The hologram session covered two topics: ‘Yesterday and Today of Hologram Industry’ and ‘What Is Telepresence.’ During the Q/A session after the class, audiences were allowed to ask questions to the speaker in the hologram. Jang Woo-Sok, CEO and founder of Dilussion, appeared on the hologram display and had a high-five with the real-life speaker on the stage. It was the moment of a technological convergence came to life. During the two-day showcase, over 100 professionals of CGV took part if the session.


With this project, Dilussion has proven that the hologram telepresence technology can be used in wider range of field, such as movie premiere, TED talks and etc. This technology surely has a potential to expand the horizon of cultural contents and can facilitate the interaction between audience and speaker.








Holographic Screen Technology




Technical Specification

Project Output

Audience experienced the hologram and could understand how it is produced.


The high-five of real-life and hologram speaker on the stage.


Q/A session after the program. Participants showed great interest.