LG G2 Trend Fiesta

Developer: dilussion Inc.          Duration: 2013.08

H/W: Holographic Screen Technology, Portable Hardware Design          S/W: Real-time Holographic Content Production, Application Development (iOS, Android)

Project Description

It was a cultural event formed around Garosugil, one of the hippest place in Gangnam, for 10 days.
Many store owners, businesses and groups participated to make it even more special.
For this occasion, dilussion delivered hologram kiosks to 30 LG G2 Union Shops ranging from restaurants, fashion boutique and beauty shops.
With the kiosk, users were able to watch hologram video content and experience the brand’s latest smartphone, G2.







Content Development


SW Development

Project Output

Snapshots of LG G2 Trend Festa
Before and during the festival, banners were flown along the street. Hundreds of people visited G2 exhibition room.
There was also a series of seminar where number of professionals in different fields delivered speeches.


Many people liked the hologram kiosk which were located at 30 stores. They played each stores’ logo and G2’s promotional content.


Visitors of the store could have hands-on experience with the actual LG G2 device.