Lanvin Launching Show

Developer: dilussion Inc.         Duration: 2011.12          H/W: Projection Mapping Technology, Projector Installation        S/W: Edge Blending Technology, Watchout Execution

Project Description


A premium fashion brand Lanvin was launching its 2012 eyewear product line in the Korean market. The biggest challenge in this project was the product itself: glasses have relatively large footprint with narrow and long frame, which makes quite challenging to create immersive and multi-dimensional visual effect with. We decided to tap into combination of floor and front screen to create a totally immersive experience for the visitors. We have carefully tuned the displays in a way the viewers have the feeling of depth and dimension of the product. By delivering all-in-one service, from plan, video production to installation, we were able to satisfy the client with the most cost effective solution, yet efficient marketing solution.

When there are many requirements from the client and need to make it happen under limited project budget, the most important task would be to find the perfect balance and come up with reliable and technologically viable solution. And this is what we do best.







Content Development


SW Development




3D Space Modeling


3D rendered image of the auditorium.


Project Output


Lanvin’s eyewear product images were translated for new media presentation. This added extra premium look to the product and surely audiences loved it.


Installation & Simulation


Media facade system is being tested before the show.