KT Real Cube MR Service

Client : KT         Duration : 2020. 02 – 2020. 04         Performance Period : 2020.05 ~

H/W : Projector, Motion Sensor, Server Computer         S/W : Unity, Sensor Application

Role : Proposal, Contents, Design, Development, H/W Configuration

Project Description

Recently, due to environmental problems such as climate change caused by increased fine dust and greenhouse gas emissions,
interest in leisure activities and health has increased. Thus, gradually leading to various activities that can be enjoyed indoors.

As a result, the need for realistic hands-on media such as VR, AR, and MR is increasing, and new changes are being attempted in the education, training,
and healthcare markets such as schools, public institutions, and rehabilitation facilities.


In corresponding to new trend of education and healthcare, KT created the ‘KT Real Cube’ and received positive responses in various fields,
expanding up to 15 operating locations across the country, including Sinchon VR theme park VRIGHT and Samsung Medical Center.


With KT, Dilussion developed 10 MR contents that enable physical development and natural learning, including quickness, endurance,
and muscle strength through the fusion of realistic media technology.





Contents Design





Project Output

Experience Space Composition

KT Real Cube : Easy installation without strict restrictions depending on the user space environment.
(Kindergarten, silver town, hospital, house, cultural space, kids cafe, military base, hotel, airport, lounge, etc. everywhere!)


Center wall : 4m x 2.3m / Floor wall : 4m x 4m
(※Space design can be customized according to user space environment)


Motion Recognition


Wall Touch


Service Flow

Measurement index results for each content is provided through user profile and content selection on the main screen.


1. Main screen – 1 Player or 2 Player mode


2. Menu selection screen – Age and gender settings


3. Content selection screen – Screen to choose content


4. Content Details Screen – Name, information, measurement index, thumbnail video, difficulty level, etc.


5. Content execution screen – Content Tum system support for each user


6. Index Derivation Screen – Graphs and displays measured indicators



To effectively experience brain development and improve physical activities, various hardware tools such as projectors,
touch and motion recognition sensors were used. In addition, a wide variety of difficulty levels and types of interaction contents
were developed targeting easy-going participation of both the juniors (6-15 years old) to seniors (60 years old or older).


Difficulty Adjustment l Multi Support  l  Motion Sensing  l Touch Sensing


Lighting Number  

Content reasoning the rules of numbers and choosing the right number by throwing the ball
[ Brain: Problem Solving, Numeracy / Body: Quickness, Agility ]



Running Letter  

Content that creates words by combining the suggested letters by throwing a ball
[ Brain: Problem Solving, Concentration, Language Skills / Body: Quickness, Agility ]



Separation Hero  

Content that separates and collects garbage falling from the upper pot by hand
[ Brain: Problem Solving, Concentration / Body: Endurance, Agility, Coordination ]



Travel Master  

Content finding empty places of the bag and close the bag once found
[ Brain: Problem Solving, Concentration / Body: Endurance, Agility ]



Time Catcher   

Content that changes digital time to analog as the arm becomes hour and minute hand
[ Brain: Problem Solving, Concentration, Numeracy / Body: Quickness, Agility ]



Shape Sorting   

Content that classifies falling objects as a pin bar with arms stretched from side to side
[ Brain: Problem Solving, Concentration / Body: Quickness, Agility, Coordination ]



Car of Thought   

Content that completes the path of the road by changing the motion of the arm
[ Brain: Problem Solving, Concentration / Body: Quickness, Agility ]



Rocket of Thought   

Content that routes an incoming rocket into a port of the same color
[ Brain: Problem Solving, Concentration / Body: Quickness, Agility, Muscular Strength ]



Cannon Ball   

Content that counterattacks enemy’s bomb by throwing the ball directly at them
[ Brain: Concentration / Body: Quickness, Agility ]



Bubble Ocean   

Content that is split into pieces by throwing a ball into a giant bubble floating on the screen
[ Body: Quickness, Agility, Muscular Strength ]