KT Live Hologram

Client : KT          Developer : Dilussion Inc.           Exhibition Period : 2016. 01 –

Role : Planning, Design, System, Hardware, Contents

Project Description

“From Rio de Janeiro to Pyeongchang, Global Hologram Live Service Powered by KT’s 5G Network”

Eyes of major media channels of Korea were focused on the 15th Feb 2016 when KT held a press conference to announce how it is preparing 5G network service for 2018 Pyeongchang Olympic Games. Among many, the Korea’s largest network service provider announced its plan for the games, the new services and partners.


As a member of the KT partners, Dilussion demonstrated ‘Hologram Live’, a hologram livestreaming service built on KT’s 5G network.
Hologram Live is a communication channel that allows two geographically separated locations to communicate without a delay. During the demonstration, members of the national team in Pyeongchang talked to the media at Gwangwhamun, where the conference was held.


[KT’s 5G service promotion video – Dilussion’s Live Hologram included]


After the successful demonstration at the press conference, KT and Dilussion continued developing the technology for 6 months and showcased ‘Global Hologram Live’ service between Seoul and a beach at Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro on August 2016. The two locations are approximately 20,000Km apart.


KT’s 5G technology transmitted massive hologram data in only 0.2 seconds while Dilussion introduced technology for transferring four-sided content, which means four times larger data compared to the first demonstration, through the network. An average of 8,000 people experienced the 5G service every day during 16 days of operation. Hwang Chang-Gyu, the Chairman of KT, sent his message of congratulation and gratitude from a hologram booth in Gwangwhamun to Jin Jong-Oh, a sports shooter who won the gold medal in 2016 Summer Olympics.

[dongA Daily report – KT Chairman Congratulate Jin Over Hologram]


The convergence of KT’s 5G network infrastrcuture and Dilussion’s years of experience in new media technology made all these achivements possible.










Hologram Contents

Project Output

[KT Headquarter at Gwangwhamun, a Venue for Press Conference for the World First 5G Olympic Preparation]


[YTN Screen Capture, 15th Feb 2016]
Oh Seong-Mok, a Vice President at KT, is communicating from Seoul with Chun Ho-Young, a national ski player in Pyeongchang.


The hologram telepresence of Oh and Chun drew attention from local press.


[KT Pyeongchang Booth in Copacabana beach, Rio de Janeiro]
The KT booth was to promote 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games and it operated from 6th to 21st August 2016. People are lined up to get a taste of the Global Hologram Live.


Global media and people showed great interest in Global Hologram Live service in the KT booth.


‘Suhorang,’ the hologram mascot of Pyeongchang is in display on four-sided hologram device.


Jin Jong-Oh, a gold medalist, is communicating from Rio de Janeiro to Whang Chang-Gyu, KT Chairman, who is in a hologram booth installed at Gwangwhamun KT headquarter.

Production Process

[YTN Screen Capture, 15th Feb 2016]
Chun Ho-young, a national slope ski player, is standing by for livestreaming in a dedicated studio facility.


[Hologram Booth in Olleh Square in KT Gwangwhamun headquarter]


In the booth, the object is captured from four directions and the images are stitched in real time to create a four-sided holographic imagery.


Whang Chang-Gyu, the Chairman of KT, is in hologram studio in Seoul to congratulate Jin Jong-oh for winning gold medal in Rio Olympic Games.
Separate videos captured from four sides of the objects are processed before livestreamed.


Pyeongchang promotion booth and Global Hologram Live system are being installed in Copacabana beach, Rio de Janeiro.