KIA Niro EV Concept Car CES 2018

Client : KIA          Developer : Dilussion Inc.          Performance Period : 2017. 10 – 2017. 12

Role : System, Hardware, Contents

Project Description


“KIA Motors CES 2018 Exhibition”

KIA Motors unveiled the ‘Niro EV Concept Car’ for the first time at CES 2018 (Consumer Electronic Show) held in Las Vegas, Jan 9-12, 2018.



‘‘Niro EV Concept Car’ was introduced as the future leading-edge mobility with the most advanced innovative and smart solution system, that’s beyond the mere means of transportation. Combining a seamless-style exterior with a pioneering high-tech design featuring a motion graphic LED lighting system in the front, ‘KIA Niro EV Concept Car’ delivers its visions for the future mobility world, with the advanced concept – “Boundless for All”.








Project Output

The transformation of petroleum vehicle to electric car is not just a mean of transportation, but rather a revolution to electrical product.

Any new uprising change requires a catalyst of reducing the gap between the consumers and their existing stereotypes. And Dilussion was given the opportunity in resolving and adding the integrated planning of this transformation.

There are existing companies in the motor-industry, yet, our invitation and successful participation in this project, once again proves the needs of new revolutionary change in the market, and that we, Dilussion is in the middle of it.