Hologram Theater @Gwangju

Client : Gwangju Cultural Foundation          Developer : Dilussion Inc.          Performance Period : 2016. 07 – 2016. 12

Role : Proposal, Design, Development, Manufacture

Project Description

Holographic theater opened in Gwangju, the city of media arts designated by UNESCO.


Gwangju hologram theatre, not only screened K-Pop performing contents, but educational contents of hologram, as well as programs targeted the youth. While hologram theatres normally show K-Pop contents, Gwangju hologram theatre distinguished itself by screening a variety of contents.


Some audience who were photo-taken, made a surprise appearance during the performance of the hologram show, giving the joy and pleasure of participating together in the performance.

In addition, Solbi, a singer and an ambassador of Gwangju Cultural Foundation, showcased media contents promoting the Gwangju City of Media Art. We were able to predict that the hologram theatre will play an important role in building a media art tourism of the city.


Moreover, construction of the first hologram theater in Gwangju was very meaningful in terms of narrowing down the media blind spot and expanding high-tech performance technology to the local community.










Project Output

[Entrance of Hologram Theatre]


[Theatre and hologram performance by K-Pop singer]

Making full use of the three sides of the stage coming into the view angle of audience, the hologram performance was shown capturing the eyes and ears of the audience.

K-pop singer’s hologram performance was viewed in the center, while both sides of the walls and top display enhanced the immersive hologram experience with media façade.


[Promotion contents of Gwangju, City of Media Art designated by UNESCO]

Hologram contents promoting Gwangju were also shown to promote the region more effectively.


[Educational hologram contents]

Unlike conventional hologram theaters, where K-Pop performances were only shown, Gwangju hologram theatre increased the demand of the hologram theatre by providing various contents such as educational information of hologram and programs for children.


[Advertising the opening of Hologram Theatre & Hologram Façade]

Gwangju Cultural Foundation actively encouraged the Hologram Theatre by inviting the press media to promote the opening of Hologram Theater on March 1st.