Happy 40th Anniversary, HELLO KITTY!

Developer : dilussion Inc.          Duration : 2014. 05-06          Performance Period : 2014. 06-09
Role : Hologram Supervisor, Interactive Contents Development(Photo Kiosk & Paçade / Tracking Interactive), Total Media System Design & Installation
H/W : Holgoram, Interactive photo Kiosk&Wall, Interactive Kinect walkway          S/W : Unity 3D

Project Description

Did you know your beloved cat character, Hello Kitty, became forty?
To congratulate this curious friend big time, Sanrio Taiwan decided to throw a hologram concert and came to us to make it successful.


The fantastic environment created by Kitty met with our fancy hologram technology and caught hearts and minds of audiences.
Fun did not end there. Audiences could actually participate in the event by taking photos in kiosks placed in the auditorium before the concert begins.
They got even more excited when they saw their photos during the concert and got more drawn into the performance.
Our technology gave audience, both children and adults, a moment of sanctuary where they were able to forget everything and just enjoy the performance.


The event was received better than we had expected in Taiwan.
Event banners were placed along with every major streets of Taipei and the performance was heavily covered by numbers of media.


“The first hologram performance in Taiwan by the best team from Korea!”



Hologram Supervising


Interactive Contents Development


Total Media System Design



Project Output

Hello Kitty characters following visitors increased interests about the performance even before it begins.
It was the first interactive media that audiences experience as they make entrance into the venue.


Audiences could be part of the performance by taking their photos in kiosks before the performance begins.
This simple interaction was one of many elements that kept their hearts to the performance throughout the show.


When the photos, of the audience taken by themselves, appear on the media wall, they were already part of the show.

Local Reaction

40th Anniversary of Hello Kitty drew attention of many media including TVBS, Era News, ETTV, China Times and Complete Entertainment, the country’s most popular entertainment TV show.


A subway train is completely wrapped with the event. We could see the scale of promotion in the city.