GYCC 2021 Hologram Telepresence

Client : KT         Developer :  Dilussion Inc.          Duration : 2021. 03 ~ 2021. 05         Exhibition Period : 2021. 05. 27 ~ 05. 30

Role : Contents, Technology, Installation

Project Description

On May 29, the ‘2021 Global Youth Climate Challenges (GYCC)’ was held at KT Square in Jongno-gu, Seoul.


As a special session for future generations of the “2021 P4G Seoul Green Future Summit”,
that is the world’s first non-face-to face international event, the youth-driven platform invited more than 100 GYCC members from 35 countries,
both on and offline, including Seoul, Indonesia, and Switzerland, to discuss climate change issues, focusing on ‘Zero Waste’ and how to cope with the challenges.


In collaboration with KT, Dilussion developed a ‘Hologram Telepresence’ solution, for this year’s LIVE panel discussions of GYCC 2021.

Panel discussions and presentations through holographic technology were evaluated to enhance the immersion of the meeting,
particularly during ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Hologram conference offered an effective space-time solution to overcome the COVID-19 crisis
and provided engagement between participants and attendees’ enjoyment of the seminar as well.



Project Manager : Hyunsuk Jung
Planning : Sungmo Kim / Video Production : Junho Kim, Jaeoh Kim
H/W Configuration & Installation : Taehwan Kim









Project Output

Dilussion provided a thorough Hologram Setting Manual to those who were unable to participate on site, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Filmed holographic contents were streamed during the panel discussion event.


Hologram Studio was set up at a different location, allowing LIVE interactions with on-site participants through holographic videoconferencing solution.

Hologram solution provided valuable advantages of LIVE panel discussions and enhanced the benefits of untact streaming event.


Three life-sized holograms were created and mapped to the display screens, allowing a real proportion sized contents look to be appearing on the stage.

Source : 2021 P4G Seoul Summit