Client : Cheil Worldwide         Developer :  Dilussion Inc.          Duration : 2020. 06 ~ 2020. 08         Exhibition Period : 2020. 08. 05 ~ 08. 23

H/W : Rotating camera and lighting rails, Rotating table, Dark-room setting, Self-Drawing Robot        S/W : LIVE streaming development, Self-Drawing Robot SW, Mobile/PC webpage        

Role : Proposal, Design, Manufacture, Installation, Operation


Project Description

In August 2020, Samsung Electronics launched a ‘Galaxy Unpacked 2020’ event, yet in an atypical form,
unveiling five new products, including the most powerful Galaxy Note20 ever.


With accordance to the Contact-Free era, UNPACK presented a new paradigm by implementing an innovative,
future-oriented, non-face-to-face experience platform that has never been experienced in an offline space.

Dilussion created the “Galaxy Creators Lounge”, a factory concept operated by an unmanned system,
allowing users to experience the S-Pen and various camera acts, all-inclusive with the key functions of the Note20 series.



Project Manager : Seojun Hong
Planning : Seojun Hong, Doyoon Chee / Design : Kihan Kim, Geunwoo Park
Video Production : Junho Kim, Jaeoh Kim / S/W Development : Doyoung Sung, Seungyong Noh, Gwangtae Kim
H/W Configuration & Installation : Hansoloo Jhun, Hyunsuk Jung, Taehwan Kim, Sungmo Kim










Project Output

Galaxy Creators Lounge is a space where users can experience the Note20,
which is closely related to work and life, in advance as a witty online experience under the concept of ‘Play With Galaxy, Work With Galaxy’.


Dilussion developed the Creators Lounge website to provide an online environment
where users around the world can enjoy all the experiences of Creative Lounge in real time.

Moreover, Dilussion provided an expansion of the experience by LIVE streaming the site,
sending views of the set through each users’ e-mail allowing them to keep the result of the experience as a memory and to share it on social media.

Project Output - Work With Galaxy; Live On Camera

Live On Camera provides where you can experience three representative camera functions with the colorful lights
and the Note20 along the rails, and the Note20 installed in the darkroom where the light does not come on.



[ Pro Video ]

Rotating in 360 degrees, Note 20 takes and transmits a beautifully moving kinetic art with a 120-frame professional video function that can play the entire image 4x slower.


[ Precision Control ]

Zoom speed control mode that allows you to zoom in slowly, zoom out quickly, and take pictures of the background. Zoom in and enjoy the Anamorphic sculpture on the 360 degree rotating table in high definition.


[ Night Mode ]

Night mode combines multiple frames automatically to complete one outstanding low-light photo even in dim environments.
It also offers supreme experience of shooting invisible props in the darkest-possible setting, presenting clear and bright photos in return.

Project Output - Play With Galaxy; Live On S-Pen

‘Live On S-Pen’ is a single-mode experience in which the S-Pen draws a user’s selfie directly on the Note 20 screen.
Users worldwide were able to upload his or her best photo and type their names.
Images were then processed through in-house developed filter, and a robot equipped with S-Pen would draw directly on the screen splendidly.
Users were able to experience the S-pen’s instantaneous reaction speed along with S-pen’s incomparable drawing ability and performance.