Product Description

By combining analogue objects, digital content and real-time interactive feedback, Flipy offers interesting and unique experience.
Flipy is a refreshing experience both to the generation that’s behind digital technology and the generation that’s tired of it. We believe it will also narrow the gap between the two generations.


Number of flip dots, with two different colors or patterns in front and back, flip and flop to represent preloaded text or image.
Built-in camera captures object and this image goes through processing unit to be transformed into a suitable format for the screen.


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Interactive Installation Based on a Mechanical System, FLIPY 

Experience Mode

Image or Video Information

Text Information

Real-time Information

Voice Recognition

Real-time Interaction

Texture Selection

Reflection Type

Wood Type

Sticker Type

Device Type Selection

Basic Frame Type

Solid Shape Type

Curved Type

Related Projects

A 6m x 2m Flipy unit is installed in VVIP area of Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology. Each Flip Dot measures 57m in diameter.

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Flipy can be in any form and any color. This design was proposed for CJ E&M’s lobby.

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Project Execution

filpy_process A