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Product Description

To the generation surrounded by thousands of digital devices everyday, we present emotional and interactive media platform, a harmony of digital technology and analogue feeling.
Flipy, the stand alone display, is suitable for short term events and will give the audience gentle touch of analogue.
Flipy recognizes objects in front of it, flips corresponding dots to represent on the display in real time.
The surface of each dot is fully customizable with various materials or graphics depending on each event. It is available for hire or purchase.


Dimension: 1,980mm(H) X 1,450mm(W) with 20 pixel x 14 pixel

Patent: Registered on 4th June 2012, #10-2012-005992 (Display Apparatus Using Electronic Flip Dot Units)


Inquiry: business@dilussion.com / +82 2 540 0729

Interactive Installation Based on a Mechanical System, FLIPY 

FLIPY Specification

Texture Selection


Reflection Type

Sticker Type


Module Combination

Up to two Flipys can be linked together, side by side which then makes 1,980mm(H) X 2,900mm(W)

Related Project

Flipy was invited to &2013 Award as a fresh new interactive solution.

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