Client : JTBC          Developer : dilussion Inc.          Exhibition Period : 2015.09 ~

Role : Proposal, S/W Development, 3D Simulation, Media Design, Installation

H/W : Flap Display, Trivision          S/W : Kinetic Media Control SW by dilussion Inc.

Project Description

When JTBC moved its home from Seosomun to Sangam in January 2015, the broadcasting network decided to create an environment where people can chill and have a rest in the new and spacious lobby and to fill the space with JTBC’s own color of variety.


dilussion came up with an innovative new media solution that we call Flap Book Display and Tri-Wall. The Flap Book Display that dilussion has engineered and installed in the new lobby has total of 144 kinetic modules and each module can repress 25 colors. This was inspired by JTBC’s corporate identity which represents New, Creativity and Variety and artworks of Flap Book Display and Tri-Wall got their motives from logo animation of the client.


Flap Book Display filled the rest area, which was comfortable yet rather static, with liveliness. Although it is quite a difficult to fully represent the richness of each colors on digital displays, by changing their forms and shapes, dilussion’s Flap Book Display brought delights and joy to the rest area of the lobby. The dynamic animation of Flap Book Display shares the value of JTBC in providing innovative and fresh content to the viewers.


The kinetic modules of Flap Book Display were designed and engineered by dilussion.



Project Management : JTBC Brand design Team
Executive Producer : Namgoong U
Project Director : Kim Hyejin
Project Manager : Ryu Jinah
Graphic Design : Kim Jiyeon, Ryu Jinah
Motion Design : Kim Misa










Project Output

Flap Book Display, boasting various charming faces, naturally fits into the rest area of the lobby.


The dynamic animation of the display shares the value of JTBC that spares no efforts to be different from the other channels.


Trivision (Tri angled moving display wall) located behind the reception desk is rather static form than Flap Book Display and represents the identity of the brand in a graceful way.

Although it is considered to be an old advertising platform by many comparing LED and DID, dilussion and JTBC agreed to take something forgotten and give new life to it.

Production Process

[Circuit Design] Every components of the system is selected and designed to create reliable and durable system for Flap Book Display.


[Bespoke PCB Board] After circuit is designed, PCB board is engineered and manufactured.


[Kinect Module 3D Simulation, Prototyping and Testing] For the highest stability of the system we went through 8 times of 3D simulation and 5 times of prototyping for each modules.


[Kinect Module Production] 144 frames and gear sets were manufactured. Each kinetic module has 24 flap cards and there are total of 3,456 flap cards.


[PCB Installed to each Kinect Module] Flap Book Display is combination of 144 of PCB and 144 modules.


[Flap Book Display Controller Development] dilussion developed bespoke software to efficiently control Flap Book Display.