Coca-Cola Campaign

Client : Coca-Cola         Developer :  Dilussion Inc.

Perpormance Period : 2017.04 ~         Role : Design, Development, Installation

Project Description


Coca-Cola 2018 PyengChang Olympic Torch Relay

In April 2017, Coca-Cola, the official partner of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games took part in the torch relay with the International Olympic Committee (IOC).










Project Output


To stimulate public’s interest of the torch relay, Dilussion and Coca-cola created an Interactive Photo Booth to provide a virtual experience for users to become actual torchbearers.

Prior to the photo experience, users were able to select desired locations through many backgrounds designed on the touch kiosk. In this pre-selection phase, Dilussion provided an interesting content by creating and using a real cap-opener model, where users could touch the bottle. Then carbon dioxide would break out and opens the lip of the bottle.



In the photobooth, users could also hold the actual torch to take pictures and could also select the desired background using chromakey technique. It was developed for users to receive the synthesized result and send to the user’s mobile as well.
Coca-cola expanded the photo experience to national tour and university campus tours. A specially designed Coca-cola truck added exciting virtual service and provided an entertaining overall brand experience.


Hot Spot Tour

Floating-population areas were selected and Dilussion installed nationwide this interactive photo booth so that people enjoy their digital experiences sharing their photos through SNS.


Campus Tour

Coca-Cola torch relay campaign was carried out by visiting universities nationwide in the form of an experience bus tour.
We were able to promote the Coca-Cola events of the Pyeongchang Olympics to university students nationwide, and the Cro-Maki Photo Booth experience in custom-made Coca-Cola buses was also a great pleasure.