Client : SM Entertainment         Developer :  Dilussion Inc.          Duration : 2018.01 ~

Exhibition Period : 2018.03 ~         Role : Design, Construct, Operate

Project Description

Korea 1st very large & high-resolution outdoor media facade


This project is a first K-POP content to be displayed on the large outdoor digital board around the area of outdoor advertising free zone of COEX in Gangnam-gu, since March 2018.

A high-quality digital board with ultra-large curved LED, which has never been seen anywhere in the country, was carried out with SM Entertainment, the icon of K-POP wave.











Project Output

Dilussion created various K-POP visual contents with SM artists, from planning to production, with inspiration for the outdoor display of COEX to become the innovative landmark of Korea.


Main contents included, ‘Time and Weather’ contents, where SM artists are displayed in the large screen with real-time clock and weather information, ‘Everysing’, a karaoke application introducing the music charts in real-time, and the ‘fanbook’, an art competition for the fans, and to mention a few.
While playing some of the latest music videos, Dilussion differentiated from existing commercial advertisements to implementing K-POP artists with fun and essential informational contents.


As a result, this large outdoor advertisement promoted the interest of K-POP, and at the same time, captivated the attention of people walking around the Trade Association street, creating a must-see landmark of COEX boulevard.


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