Black Yak CF

Client : TBWA          Agency : 골목아이디어앤필름          Developer : dilussion Inc.

Duration : 2014. 08          Role : Hologram Consultancy, H/W Installation

Project Description


TV advertisements are known as art compressed in 15 seconds.

That is why you have to offer the most impressive video that will win consumers’ hearts in a very short amount of time.

Since it is meant to be viewed by the mass audience, it also has to be popular and friendly.

This short content contains the most loved celebrities of the time, products and video production techniques.

For this reason, TV ads often represent the hottest trend of the time and of the society.


By adding holographic technology to this attractive media content, dilussion has achieved another innovation.

CEO Woo Sok Jang, who has once provided consulting service to SM Entertainment in creating a new space for shooting a music video (‘1, 2, 3, 4’ sang by Lee High) by projecting images to the facades, has made yet another bold step of employing hologram technology in shooting TV advertisement.


The result was huge.

The visual effect was multi-dimensional and it was of never-seen-before in TV advertisement industry.

And this introduced hologram technology to the public.





Hologram Consultancy


H/W Installation

Project Output


When the image projected on the background wall, taxi passing by on hologram foil and artificial snow falling down from the sky are combined together,
a whole new visual experience is brought to life.



Technical Specification


Multi-layers of projected image, hologram and artificial snow create full depth of image.


It is also a new experience to actors and directors for they were better positioned to do their jobs thanks to the actual environment created for the work.
It is quite different experience from shooting with chroma-key screen behind and post-product in a studio.