ANDAZ Seoul – AI Media Space

Client : KT Telecop       Developer :  Dilussion Inc.          Duration : 2018.11 ~ 2019.09

Role : System, Construct, Hardware, Contents

Project Description

Luxury Lifestyle Hotel Showing Local Culture and Emotionality with Modern Sense in the heart of Gangnam

On September 6 th , 2019, Andaz Seoul Gangnam, the world famous Hyatt-branded hotel, opened in the heart of Gangnam Seoul, Apugujeong-dong.



Andaz, the luxurious lifestyle brand hotel, draws direct inspiration from the location’s local culture and trend,
allowing guests to truly engage with a destination and experience it authentically, rather than merely visit.
In particular, Andaz Seoul Gangnam’s overall concept was derived from ‘Jokagbo’,
a traditional Korean wrapping cloth used in significant ceremonies and as gift wrap to preserve good luck.
It was designed to harmoniously blend traditional local culture and creative modern living.


To bring the Andaz brand’s signature concept,
Dilussion installed LED screens in the lobby and the swimming pool, showing immersive scenes of Seoul.




Project Manager : Cheol Heo / Contents Plan : Sulki Kim, Yunkyu Shin
Lead Design : Kihan Kim / Contents Design : Sulki Kim, Geunwoo Park / Motion Design : Jaeoh Kim
 Contents Development : Doyoung Sung, Gwangtae Kim / AI Development : Byungsnag Yeo, Hyeonjin Kim










BITROYE - AI Media Lobby


Dilussion has installed an LED wall in the lobby that works with the AI engine, BITROYE, in order to sympathize with the visitor’s feelings.

Empathizing with happy, joyful feelings, BITROYE analyzes the feelings of visitors and delivers lively content in real time according to the degree.

Project Output - Media Wall

LED wall on the 1 st floor lobby reminisced the past and the present of Apgujeong-dong,
providing visual pleasure and enjoyment to guests entering the hallway abstractly filled with Korean traditional colors.

A 7-meter LED screen in the swimming pool displays gorgeuous scenes of Seoul. Immersive LED provided exceptional panorama, resembling the look and feel of an infinity poolview.

Moreover, the projection of water droplets spreading through the long hallway from the dressing room to the pool added excitement and exhirilation entering the pool.