40th LEE YOUNG HEE’s HANBOK Exhibition

Developer : dilussion Inc.          Duration : 2015. 07 ~ 2015. 09          Exhibition Period : 2015. 09. 23 ~ 2015. 10. 09

Role : Planning, Shooting, Editing, Installation

Project Description

‘LEE YOUNG HEE Exhibition: Baram, Baraem’ was presented at Dongdaemun Design Plaza, DDP, to celebrate 40-year-journey of Hanbok design by Lee Young Hee, a world-renowned Hanbok designer. The exhibition was the first of its kind in Korea to use a designer’s name as a brand for title of an event.


dilussion was responsible for planning of new media technology and producing a video content to show the long-lasted heritage of Hanbok and the sheer beauty of it. In the video we used numbers of air-circulators to capture the free movement of the material and graceful lines of Hanbok. The film which brought the concept (Dress of Wind) to life captured various colors in a single frame to caveat the harmony between colors and light and fully expressed the beauty of Lee’s dresses. It also moved hearts of viewers by telling the history of her journey and what Hanbok means to the designer.


The film which was shot with two 4K cameras in ultra high definition was played on various UHD monitors strategically located throughout the exhibition hall.










Project Output

This is exhibition hall where ‘LEE YOUNG HEE Exhibition: Baram, Baraem’ was presented.

The hero video produced by dilussion is being played.

It was played during the opening reception before the eyes of many invited VIPs and was played in the main hall of the exhibition after the reception.



In the video the beauty of Hanbok that came into blossom with the designer was vividly visualized and the harmony of colors were expressed with various colors by being captured in a same frame. The designer Lee Young Hee walking through the long materials of Hanbok helped viewers understand her love and passion for Hanbok.

The second video was played on three UHD monitors installed at the entrance of the exhibition hall.

This film narrated Lee’s love for Hanbok and what it is to her.

The last video recorded 5 works that were selected from 20 selected masterpieces that brought her where she is now.

This was played next to the real work and helped viewers to appreciate the very detail of the masterpieces by showing close-up images.

Project Procedure

[Video documentation of Lee Young Hee photo by Kim Jung Man]

All videos were shot with two 4K cameras at ultra high definition.

All parties, designer Lee Young Hee, dilussion and a master agency, had participated in developing creativity.

Various media solutions have been installed on site.


The news article covers general information of her exhibition and says films are produced by dilussion.


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