Samsung KX in London – 3D Me

Client : Cheil Worldwide         Developer :  Dilussion Inc.          Duration : 2019. 03 ~ 2019. 07

Exhibition Period : 2019. 07 ~          H/W : Self Drawing Robot, Mobile        S/W : Self Drawing Robot SW & Mobile Application by Dilussion        

Role : Proposal, Design, Manufacture, Installation

Project Description

On the 31st July 2019, Samsung opened an entirely unique, a massive experience-led showcase in the most iconic retail space in King’s Cross’ shopping district, Coal Drops Yard.

King’s Cross, located in the Northern London, is a modern cultural attraction for young and trendy designers and artists, as well as a Tech hub for global IT companies.


Taking into account of the region’s characteristics, Samsung offered a destination that brings and connects visitors
from all over the world to enjoy the ‘digital playground’ of the most innovative IT technology.

Moreover, by showcasing a variety of products that integrate spontaneously,
Samsung KX offered an experience-led platform that would change customers’ lives through ‘connected’ experience and innovation of novel technology.



Project Manager : Seojun Hong
Planning : Seojun Hong, Jinwoo Jang / GUI Design : Kihan Kim, Suzy Kim, Dohee Kim
Video Production : Jaeoh Kim / S/W Development : Seungyong Noh
H/W Configuration & Installation : Seungyong Noh, Hyunsuk Jung, Hansoloo Jhun, Sungmo Kim










KX Mobile Experience Program Guide

Dilussion has created an integrated UX / UI guide of Samsung KX’s mobile experience program.

AR Message Tree, Galaxy Graffiti, DJ Galaxy, 3D Me, Collage Me, 5 Experience Program Guide have been unified in a simple and consistent manner so that visitors can focus on the experience.

Project Output - 3D Me

Dilussion provided a ‘3D Me’ user- experience program, a program that utilizes the form of technology (Galaxy Application)
with an art object in one of the Samsung KX Creatory zones. (A combined word of Creative and Laboratory).


3D Me is a solution that combines analog integrate and digital technology, and is designed according to King Cross’s identity of art and technology.


The mobile application of 3D Me allows visitors to select more than 40 different types of eyes, nose, lips, hair, accessory and body patterns,
and the automatic drawing machine would create a one and only, distinctive character.

An egg-shaped wooden figure ornament, which was designed and created to give an artistic, yet a familiar feeling to all ages,
matching with a variety of colored leather straps were given to customers, providing a pleasant and an enjoyable experience.


Through the automatic drawing machine provided in the ‘3D Me’ program, visitors were given the full ‘Digilog’ experience.

Process & Installation


To build the most interactive program in the Samsung KX Creatory zone, Dilussion prepared overall planning and designing,
including hardware and software development, system design and integrated technical development, as well as the set-up of the installation in the customer-experience zone of 3D Me.