2018 Kick-off Dilussion

On January 2nd, 2018,
Dilussion’s New Year kick-off meeting was held through the virtual video conference channel.
Through this online gathering, all employees were able to attend, including even some employees who were physically far away.


Intelligent Media Company Dilussion Inc. 2018 Version

Starting from 2018, Dilussion has officially changed its conception from a ‘New Media Company’ to an ‘Intelligent Media Company.’


Dilussion believes that fundamental issues of the market in 2018 is derived from the people (the general public, Dilussion and its clients, as well as the decision-makers in each company) who are experiencing the recent change in technical environment nowadays.


For the past 5 years, we have been unconsciously persuaded by the power of invisible technology that leads us to our decision making and daily consuming.
Our personal behavior and preference patterns are being collected daily by the Marketing-Intelligence and Advertising-Technology.
These data are refined, sorted and interpreted as one’s personal preferences. And based on this data, a list of recommended products and services are continuously exposed in real-time through various applications and SNS.
But more importantly, technology has provided humans their ground-basis and preferences, and it has also proven to be convenient in making choices and decisions.
Not only it has influenced humans in making purchases, it has also impacted in daily routines and in making various business decisions.


Based on this state of condition, Dilussion has analyzed numerous projects that were proposed in the last 5 years.
Projects based on new platform or a new technology hasn’t been much the issue. Rather, we’ve noticed the ineffectiveness of communication between the two parties, and that, twice the manpower was needed to understand the fundamentals in making final decisions.


Dilussion believes that this is quite a problematic issue not just to ourselves, but to the clients and fellow creative companies around us as well.
And moreover, that this will be a challenging matter that could affect the lives and work of our employees at Dilussion Inc.


As the company increases its growth, obviously there’s profit increases and business revenue.
But, the answers to
“Why are the employees always busy and not living the dominant lives?”
“What’s the solution in solving the fundamental problems of our market?”
are within the basis of gaining and analyzing of the data, which everyone can believe and agree to.


As a matter of fact, since 2017, we have been developing an AI-based platform called ‘Dilussion BIT’, which will be launched in June 2018.
With the help of ‘BIT’, we’ll begin a project that has a legit evidence of data from the get-go.
This service will increase more than 30% of overall work efficiency; reducing unnecessary communication, improving client satisfaction and helping to solve fundamental issues of employees.
All this expectation and motivation will start in the beginning of July, 2018.
It will allow us to gather exclusive data and provide accurate information.


Furthermore, our employees, the clients and the users will be able to make efficient decision-making, along with the basis of additional managing system.
While accumulating the know-how of consulting and collaborating with numerous companies, the new Dilussion BIT service will offer a new form of data-based consulting in many projects in the future.