dilussion Makes Media Ecosystem

In a world where user’s expectation is way up there,

you should be able to deliver perfect planning, breathtakingly creative design and technology that has not been seen anywhere before. It doesn’t end here.

You should also be capable of providing all these in financially viable and well-managed way.

This becomes possible with dilussion where unexpected impressions are promised.

Area of Expertise


Planning & Consulting

Professionals who achieved many commercial successes in various new media projects will find you ways to realize your idea.



Diverse Methodology

Professionals in various area will be with you every step of the way from early stage of ideation, user interview, feasibility test to tackling technical issues. Through numbers of methodologies and tests, we come up with technically feasible solutions.

System Planning & Simulation

For the success of the project, media system specialists promise you the perfect activation by discovering unexpected errors in advance. For this, we maintain cooperative and productive relationships with numbers of capable SW/HW suppliers.



System Simulation

We use the optimum 2D or 3D tools to configure the most reliable media system and fix errors discovered in simulations.

System Test Bed

By creating test facility, that is as close to the actual project site as possible, we prepare ourselves for any technical and operation challenges that we may face during the activation.

Dilussion LAB

Skilled interaction developers who have many years of experiences at home and abroad carry out series of tests to create experiences that users want. We provide joy of bringing what you had pictured in mind into life.



Installation Development

We plan for what is the most suitable for the project and make it happen. The solution we provide will be of perfect combination of new technology and the best usability and they will touch hearts of users.

Feasibility Test

Through rigorous beta tests, we make sure our solutions work as designed under any circumstances while finding out rooms to make the experience even better.