Understanding dilussion & dilussionist

We are a group of ‘new media’ professionals with each and every one of us wants to nurture a whole new media ecosystem.

Our goal is to provide the happiest digital experience by truly understanding users.

As the 1st generation in this field, we have been building international experiences since 2006 and now became the most experienced and skilled professionals in the country.

All our dreams are written and put into this hat.


We are a group of new media professionals who value most in meaningful researches, technical feasibilities and experiences.


Our directors and staffs have years of experiences in successfully delivering new media platforms which are like no other.


Armed with creativity, technology and professional experiences, we are a new media company that provides unique technologies and experiences.


We promise to deliver universally enjoyable experiences in overseas projects thanks to the plenty of international experiences in providing planning and execution services.


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Corporate Identity

The Meaning of Symbol Mark


In order to provide fresh digital experience we often create ‘what is not present in real world’. And this resembles the thoughts and works of Rene Magritte, a Belgian surrealist artist. dilussion’s up-side-down hat is an homage to his witty and thought-provoking ideas.



20th Century Surreal Artist

“I don’t think what’s visible is superior to what is not, and vice versa.”

His bowler hat appears in his lifetime of works in many forms representing his brilliant ideas, denial of conventional way of thinking, mystic and fantastic atmosphere. At the frontier of digital surrealism, dilussion aims to follow his footsteps, but only in a more creative way.



Professional Composition and Man Power



The History of dilussion

2020.02 Hyundai Motor Group Virtual Educational Experience Center
2020.01 Hyundai Mobis 2020 CES Hyundai Mobis Promotion
2020.01 Krafton Interactive Media Wall


2019.12 CJ Powercast Season’s Greetings Media Art Show
2019.12 SK Quantum Picture Contents
2019.10 GE Energy Korea LTD. KOREA CSC Digital Visitor Registration System
2019.09 Patent Registration ‘Apparatus and Method for Operating an Application Provides Viewing Evalution Information Based on Emotion Information of Users’
2019.08 NETFILX ‘LOVE ALARM’ Offline Campaign Media
2019.08 Hotel Andaz AI Media Space
2019.08 Hanwha Life Construction of Innovation Office Space for HQ
2019.08 Overseas Patent Registration ‘Object for Display with Transparent Marker for Implementing Display Functions and Display Function Implementation Apparatus Using the Same’
2019.07 Samsung Electronics Samsung KX in London – 3D Me
2019.07 Hyundai Motor Group Development of Interface Concept
2019.05 Hyundai Motor Group Development of Service Robot Interface
2019.04 Overseas Patent Application ‘Event Object and Display Function Implementation Apparatus thereby’
2019.03 Siemens COEX Exhibition – Hypervision
2019.03 Patent Registration ‘Apparatus and Method for Operating an Application Provides Marketing Information Based on Behavior Patterns for Users’
2019.03 Patent Registration ‘Apparatus for Displaying 3D Image’
2019.01 Baskin-Robbins Custom Development of Family Day Photo Zone Solution


2018.09 Overseas Patent Registration ‘Foldable Case Capable of Implementing Hologram’
2018.08 BOY DE CHANEL Launching Event Interaction Media & Hyper Vision
2018.08 COEX SMTOWN K-POP Square Media
2018.07 Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd. CROWN Studio Dual Aperture EX Solution & AI Camera Kit
2018.07 Novotel Ambassador LED Media System & Motion
2018.07 Patent Registration ‘Display Apparatus Using Electronic Flip-Dot Units’
2018.05 SM Entertainment SMTOWN MUSEUM Hyper Vision & Holographic Visuals
2018.04 Patent Registration ‘Ceiling Hologram Image Display Device’
2018.04 Patent Registration ‘Folding Box for Hologram Image Display’
2018.03 Dilussion Workshop 2018 @USJ
2018.03 Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd. MWC 2018 @Barcelona
2018.03 Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd. Galaxy S9 Unpacked @Barcelona
2018.02 2018 Pyeongchang Olympic KT 5G ICT Zone – build and operate (7 Benue 11 Experience Zone)
2018.02 2018 Pyeongchang Olympic Intel ICT Zone – Construction and Operation
2018.01 KIA Niro EV Concept Car CES 2018


2017.11 Expansion of Dilussion Laboratory – 2F, 38, Dosan-dearo 28-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
2017.11 Patent Registration ‘Object for Display with Transparent Marker for Implementing Display Functions and Display Function Implementation Apparatus Using the Same’
2017.10 Coca-Cola Footprint Kiosk
2017.09 IFA 2017 EXHIBITION – Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 + Interactive Table, Fitness. Bixby installation and operation
2017.09 Samsung Electronics Galaxy S8, S8 + Unpack @Beijing
2017.08 Samsung Electronics Galaxy S8, S8 + Unpack @New York
2017.07 Dilussion Inc. – D.FY MOU conclusion
2017.06 MULTITACTION Distributorship Agreement
2017.05 IBM 50th anniversary THINK EXHIBIT 2017 commemorative content production
2017.04 Coca-Cola Campaign 2018 PyeongChang Olympic Torch Relay Event
2017.04 Registered as an HSAD partner
2017.03 3D BANK + Dilussion MOU conclusion
2017.02 MWC 2017 Samsung Electronics S7 Edge, Tab S3, Book 12, Gear S3, Penup, Samsung Pay Interactive table production and operation
2017.02 Design Patent Registration ‘Ceiling hologram screen’
2017.01 Megabox Shelter Guidance Video Production
2017.01 Registered as a Partner Company of Cheil Worldwide
2017.01 Patent Registration ‘Hologram Projector’


2016.12 Expansion of Dilussion Office Building – 2F, 36, Dosan-dearo 26-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
2016.12 Live Demonstration of KT Multilayer Hologram (Pyeongchang, Gangneung, Gwanghwamun)
2016.12 Samsung Galaxy Studio in Hong Kong – Interactive Table Production and Operation
2016.11 Registered as a partner company of KT 5G Open Frontier Alliance
2016.11 Daehong Communications ICS Production Presentation – Praise Camera Project Announcement
2016.11 Samsung Electronics Poland Warsaw / Mexico Mexico City Galaxy Studio – Interactive Table Production and Operation
2016.09 Overseas Patent Registration ‘Integrated Folding Hologram Box’
2016.09 Samsung Electronics Dubai / Sweden Stockholm Galaxy Studio – Interactive Table Production and Operation
2016.09 IFA 2016 EXHIBITION – Installation of Samsung Gear S3 Interactive Table
2016.08 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Berlin Galaxy Gear S3 Unpacking – Interactive Table Production and Operation
2016.08 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Singapore/ Galaxy Studio in London, England – Interactive Table Production and Operation
2016.08 Samsung Electronics Brazil Rio Olympics Samsung Galaxy Studio – Interactive table production and operation / Interactive LED media facade production and operation / SNS aggregation development / Interactive table production and operation using Samsung OLED
2016.08 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Galaxy Note 7 Unpack New York – Interactive Table Production and Operation
2016.08 Gwangju Cultural Foundation – Design and Construction of Hologram Theater, Rooftop Media Facade
2016.08 KT Gwanghwamun-Liu real time-Live Hologram Demonstration – Gwanghwamun Hologram Studio Installation & Operation, Liu Hologram Installation & Operation
2016.08 Patent Application ‘Folding Box for Hologram Image Display’
2016.08 Patent application ‘Hologram Projector’
2016.07 Launched Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (New York, Rio de Janeiro, London)
2016.07 Hanhwa Aqua Planet 63 Hologram Kit Production
2016.07 CJ Kiosk Design
2016.07 Upgrade Taekwondo Competition Experience Pavilion
2016.06 Chevrolet Busan International Motor Show SNS Live Streaming
2016.06 Patent Application ‘Ceiling Hologram Screen’
2016.05 Patent Application ‘Ceiling Hologram Image Display Device’
2016.05 KT Songdo Triple Street Media Tunnel Construction
2016.04 Chevrolet ALL NEW MALIBU New car launching show SNS Live streaming
2016.04 UNICEF 2016 Water Day – Participate in Donation Event
2016.03 Cook and Plate Cafe, Cooking Class Studio Space and Brand Design (Lotte Outlets Goyang)
2016.01 KT Pyeongchang – Gwanghwamun Real-Time Live Hologram Demonstration


2015.12 Patent Application ‘Hologram projection’
2015.12 Korea’s First Theater Live Hologram Telepress @Cheongdam CGV
2015.09 FLAP BOOK Display @JTBC LOBBY
2015.09 40th LEE YOUNG HEE’S HANBOK Exhibition
2015.08 Patent Application ‘Foldable Case to Implement a Hologram’
2015.08 Patent Application ‘Hologram Projection’
2015.08 Safety Experience Center in South Chungcheong Province – Creating Forest Fire Landslide Contents, Indoor Fire Experience Content and Information Kiosk Contents
2015.07 International Patent Application ‘Foldable Case to Implement a Hologram’
2015.05 Incheon Airport Creative Economy Innovation Center Public Relations Booth Renewal
2015.05 New Media Promotion Booth 2015_Hanyul
2015.04 Hologram Opening of TCTAP 20th Anniversary Society – Medical Association’s First Hologram Opening
2015.04 Patent Application ‘Hologram Projection’


2014.12 SMTOWN THEATRE – Hybrid Hologram Theater @Coex Artium
2014.09 Patent Application ‘Hologram Projection’
2014.09 Patent Application ‘Foldable as to Implement a Hologram’
2014.09 SADI 2014 Seoul Design Festival – Flippy, Interactive Kiosk Installation
2014.09 National Museum of Korean Language – Content Design, Space Design, Installation Progress
2014.09 SK Telecom Mobile Experience Center Mobile
2014.09 IFA Berlin 2014 – Operate Real-Time Content Experience Space in LG Booth
2014.09 Blackyak CF – 3D Imaging Using Facade Technique and Hologram with Projection
2014.09 40th Anniversary of the Birth of HELLO KITTY Create a Taiwanese Hologram
2014.06 MBC 2014 The 6th Simultaneous Local Elections – Magic Glass (Product Cross Interactive Communication Platform)
2014.06 Toy Brand Uglies – Development of Dilussion Display Using Hologram Display ‘ HOLOG ‘
2014.04 MCM Myeongdong Plageship Store – New Media Brand Shop Opens


2013.12 & AWARD 2013
2013.12 SADI Exhibition
2013.12 Registered as a Venture Company
2013.12 SM Entertainment Universal Studio Japan – the 1st Dedicated Hologram Theater and Exhibition Hall in Japan
2013.12 Registered as a Supplier of Hyundai Motor Group
2013.11 SM Entertainment Hologram V-Theater – Design and Construction Inspection (located at B1, Young Plaza, Myoungdong Lotte Department Store)
2013.09 Signed an Annual Contract with SM Entertainment as a Partner of New Media Business
2013.09 SM Entertainment Hologram Demo Room – Design and Build
2013.08 LG G-Style Fiesta Festival Hologram Kiosk – 30 stores in Garosugil, Sinsadong Gangnamgu, Seoul
2013.07 Office Expansion and Move into New Building (2nd Fl, GanaTower, 29 Nonhyun-ro 149 gil, Gangnamgu, Seoul)
2013.06 Cheil Worldwide’s New Platform Business – Design, Build and Realization
2013.05 Samsung Electronics 2015 Smart TV – Concept Creation, Development of Differentiated Interaction and Working Prototype
2013.02 Registered Trademark of Dilussion Inc.
2013.02 Patent Application ‘Multi-Dimensional Graphic Display Apparatus’
2013.01 SM Entertainment Gils’ Generation V-Concert – Korea’s 1st Outdoor Holographic Performance in Gangnam Station
2013.01 SAMSUNG SAIT VVIP Area Media Entrance “FLIPY” Project


2012.12 Patent registered for ‘Case for Portable Multi-Communication Device with Holographic Screen Attached’
2012.12 Tangible Media Laboratory Founded
2012.11 Developed an Interactive Game Taekwondowon (Taekwondo promotion Foundation) – Korea’s First Body Figure Recognition
2012.10 Samsung Electronics Advanced Research B
2012.09 Samsung Electronics Advanced Research A
2012.08 2012 YEOSU EXPO U.A.E. Pavilion Space Silver Media Winner
2012.08 Patent Application ‘Case for Portable Multi-Communication Devices with Hologram Screens’
2012.07 Selected by Small & Medium Business Administration for Government Funding – Hologram Display Development
2012.06 Patent Application ‘Display Apparatus Using Electronic Flip Dot Units’
2012.04 Patent Application ‘Holographic Display Apparatus’
2012.04 Application Dilussion Trademark
2012.02 2012 YEOSU EXPO U.A.E. Pavilion


2011.12 Lanvin Eyewear Launching Show
2011.11 November 11th 2011 Founded Dilussion Inc. – CEO Woo Sok Jang