Dilussion Inc. is wide open for a future dilussionist who values active life.  

We are hiring for

All department at any time

You will go through

1. Document screenig
2. Working Group Interview
3. Executive Interview

Knock on the door if you are ready to

Do your best at every moment with passion about the work and be ready to work with the best professionals in the industry.
Efficiently work anytime anywhere. Forget typical working environment of boring agencies.
Cope well with ever-changing world and be positive.

How to apply

You may submit any document that best express your abilities in any format.
(Two or more A4 papers including your photo, basic personal information, academic background, previous career, family information and self-introduction. More than 5 items in portfolio. Identify your role and contribution if any of the portfolio is a group work)
Please email the above in PDF format. Please make sure the file is easily accessible when you use an external download link for the PDF.
Email Title : [Application] Department_Your Name
Email To :

How we roll

dilu work : dilussion SMART work

We are running a program called ‘Smart Work’ to help you maintain the balance between the work and life. A dilussionist fully understands responsibility, respect and trust, we let you work anywhere anytime you please, except for the group work hour from 13:30 to 17:30 (Mon. to Fri.).

How we are organized

Business Management ; Business generalization including human resources, general affairs, labor management, accounting, judicial affairs and investigation audit
Business Creation ; Implementation of analysis, specialized project tactic and distinctive creative strategy
Dilussion LAB ; Immersive development of HCI, TUI, GUI / Prototyping and technical advisory on preceding research / H/W, S/W planning, design and simulation / Research in characteristic of applied technology in digital media
Advanced Innovation ; Introduction and operation of new technology / Innovations of Next Generation / Launch of Emerging Technology
Intelligent Media_Planning ; Production of New Media platform with new technologies / Digital marketing planning, development, execution / Research in New Media projects / Project planning and coordination
Intelligent Media_Creative ; New media design, concept visual creation / New media video shoot and creation / Hologram content planning and video shoot
Intelligent Media_Develop ; Establish space for New Media project / Structure design, planning, construction
Media Solution ; Manage technical portfolio / Customer Technical Support / Distribution and commercialization of product and platform