Dilussion Wins 2019 Grand Prix in 2 Categories at the &Award


On January 17th 2020, Korea’s most prestigious digital media awards ceremony, the &Award was held at COEX, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. Dilussion was nominated as the winner of the Grand Prix for ‘Digital Media & Service’ in the ‘IT Device’ and ‘IT Service’ respectively.

ANDAZ Seoul – AI Media Space



Hotel lobby is the central focal point of the hotel and the first area you’re invited to. It is the very first gateway of the hotel and generally operated for numerous purposes. Andaz Seoul Gangnam, the luxury lifestyle hotel, intended to provide a luxurious and a new sensuous experience to all customers entering the hotel. Dilussion installed LED walls in the lobby, interacting with BITROYE, the AI engine, creating a space that captures the sentiments and empathizes with all visitors.


Andaz hotel lobby is the first AI media space that reacts to visitors’ emotions and feelings. It observes visitors’ facial expressions and behaviors initially, analyzes emotions and display lively video contents spontaneously. In the video there are countless balloons in a variety of colors and shapes, all playing in four-level steps; Normal – Happiness 1 – Happiness 2 – Happiness 3, depending on the degree of happiness. After a few seconds, it will return to the main part of the video, an abstract style of video which contains the transformation from past to present of Gangnam, using Korea’s various traditional colors. Moreover, no personal data were saved, used nor shared with any other parties. A structured data of gender, age group, and travel route of visitors were solely used to operate in specified patterns, allowing to apply to the guideline and protocols of the Hotel Management.


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Samsung KX in London Showcase : 3D Me



In the most iconic retail space in King’s Cross, the Northern London, Samsung Electronics opened ‘Samsung KX’, a digital playground that presented the most up-to-date innovative IT technology products.


The mobile application of 3D Me allows visitors to select more than 40 different types of eyes, nose, lips, hair, accessory and body patterns, and the automatic drawing machine would create the one and only, a distinctive character. Through this ‘Digilog’ experience, the fusion of robotic drawing machine (analog) and the Galaxy S10+ (digital technology), visitors were invited to an ultimate experience of connection in the reality and the virtual world.


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