dilussion Becomes KT Partner for Smart Theme Park in China

dilussion plans to provide technical support to KT who has signed MOU with Hengdian (橫店) Group, a Chinese company in electronics, electrics, video and cultural content industry, in developing ‘Smart Theme Park.’

KT Aggressively Targets ICT Market in China with Smart Theme Park

KT, in conjunction with a Chinese company, plans to build a ‘Smart Theme Park’ utilizing various technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things) and ICT (Information and Communication Technology). The Korea’s largest telecommunication company signed MOU with Hengdian Group on 2nd in their company building in Gwanghwamun, Seoul. The two companies will build K-Live theatre for hologram in Manhwawon (万花園) by May, a popular video theme park located in Shanghai and will produce various contents about K-Pop, Chinese celebrities and Chinese history in hologram format. Separately, KT is on a mission to turn the entire Manhwawon into a Smart Theme Park by using technologies like IoT and ICT. K-Live which opened in January last year in Dongdaemun became the mecca of Korean Wave in only a year.

For this, KT has made partnership in various areas: for content they are working with Korea’a major entertainment company (i.e. YG and HB Entertainment) and for 3D video and hologram technology, they will be joining hands with d’strict, Micrography, dilussion and Holotive. KT explained that this MOU is a part of ‘Friendship Content Project’ which is being led by Chinese Academy of Science, the country’s renowned academic institution, and the MSIP (Korea’s Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning). Taking this China project as a starting point, KT plans to aggressively reach to global markets including South East Asian countries. “The partnership with China will be a starting point for the Korean economy to broaden its horizon to global market. We will make this project a good leading model for next-generation business by accelerating collaborative works between small but powerful SMEs in ICT industry,” underlined Mr. Whang Changkyoo, the Chairman of KT.


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