dilussion Produces Video for LEE YOUNG HEE: Baram, Baream

Designer Lee Young Hee presented an exhibition to go through her 40-year-journey of Hanbok design.

dilussion was appointed to create and produce videos to beautifully and gracefully capture her masterpieces. Dilussion provided a comprehensive services from planning, creative, installation and operation.

The followings are what media have introduced our works.


Lee Young Hee’s 40-year-journey for Hanbok, the Korea’s Universal Beauty

“I believe that a true beauty can be appreciated anywhere no matter where you are. A dress that is beautiful when worn by Korean women could also be equally graceful to any woman around the world. Is it not?” – Designer Lee Young Hee


She is the first designer who actually ‘designed’ Hanbok and developed the Korea’s traditional costume into a world class dress appreciated at universal level. For the first time in Korea she participated in Paris’ pret-a-porter fashion show in 1993. She also presented Hanbok to Paris’ haute couture stage in 2010 and it was also the first in Korea. Designer Lee actually led the globalization of Hanbok. And she is presenting an exhibition that introduces her 40-year-journey at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) from 23rd September to 9th October. The exhibition LEE YOUNG HEE: Baram, Baream will shed fresh light on her 40-year-passion for Hanbok which started at her age of 40 and will provide outlook for the future of it as well. Visitors will be presented with priceless historical records that she has collected during her work. Lee’s masterpieces that have led modernization and globalization of Hanbok are exhibited in a contemporary artwork style.


(Participation) Artist

dilussion: An industry leading new media solution provider. It is specialized in producing exhibition films and the master operator of the world-first K-POP hologram concert in SM Town Theater_COEX atrium. Dilussion was responsible in creating exhibition films for LEE YOUNG HEE: Baram, Baream.

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